Pantone Colors of the Year



Hello, my friends, here’s something I bet I’ve never told you. I’m obsessed with Pantone colors. I think it started when I learned to print color photographs and began to think about them in terms of the CMYK color system. Which, as it happens, was right around the same time that Pantone started announcing a Color of the Year. What I most love about that is that it’s a prediction, based on what’s trending, and based on what they expect will be the zeitgeist for the coming year. Obviously, they have a handle on what colors are trending, but the part that knocks me out is that they are also predicting the zeitgeist.

That’s a game I wanted in on. Sadly, the Pantone folks said no, as I am an industry outsider. But just because I can’t do it officially doesn’t mean I can’t do it. So here they are, my predictions for Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2016.  And if you think it’s jumping the gun, a “Christmas in July” kind of thing, you’d be right. Which is why I have two.  The one on the left is my pick if it turns out that 2016 is shaping up to be glum, and the one on the right is for if it looks like it’s going to be an auspicious year.

Before you say that no one would pick a color like Porpoise (the grayer tone above), just remember that in 2006, the color of the year was Sand Dollar, a similarly subdued shade.  More about why I think these might be likely selections is in an entry on the blog for Nautilus, one of my favorite new(-ish) blogs and magazine.  Check it out!