Sitting the Press

Woo-hoo, it’s finally almost here!  After, well, a BUNCH of years working in fits and starts and then some serious stretches, barbara bosworth and I have at last finished our awesome collaboration in the meadow.  Called THE MEADOW:  A REVERIE, it’ll be out in October of this year from Radius Books.  If by chance you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’ve seen mentions of it before–nights of fireflies, days of foraging, etc.  We had a grand time delving into this small, seemingly simple place.  But nothing’s simple.  And that’s a lesson learned many times in that meadow and in making the book.

NOT that i am complaining.  To the contrary, a huge huge shout out is due to David Chickey, one of the principles at Radius Books.  David took our decidedly un-simple collection of materials and fashioned them into an absolutely gorgeous book.  Barbara and I had the chance to sit the press in Verona, Italy, with David and another Radius author, and see how our pieces plus David’s design got put to paper.  It was fascinating.

myfirstpageAnd as is required, we signed off on each page before they printed the big batch of them–even my pages, which was kind of cool, since they didn’t require any color matching.  And why yes, that is a dopamine molecule on my very first signed page.