Color(s) of the Year–so, well, yeah…..

So the Pantone colors of the year were announced–TWO of them.  Pink & Blue.  Or, to be more precise, Serenity and Rose Quartz.  Check ’em out:











The Pantone folks explained that in this year during which gender fluidity has become a significant consideration, it made sense to emphasize these hues.  Plenty of others have pointed out that stereotypical baby colors might not be the most avant-garde way of thinking about this blurring of the gender binary.  I’ll settle for saying woohoo!  Not because of the trenchent critique, but because my predictions were so in the range.  To be sure, I was not exactly right–but my theory was.  Serenity is more subdued than the Peacock Blue I anticipated, but resides in the same area of the color wheel.  And Rose Quartz has more magenta in it than the porpoise I predicted, but the saturation and value are spot on.



I think it’s great that Pantone is trying to enter the conversation about gender, even in this pastel way.  But equally fascinating is that when you apply *ahem* my theory, you can come up with a range on the color wheel from which you can draw tones that will likely fit whatever cultural conversation you’ve decided to enter.